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zune software
zune software

DARFILE.COM – Have you or those around you tried to use one of Nokia’s mobile phones called Nokia Lumia. This type of mobile phone had become excellent and became one of the most sought after products at the time. The availability of features and advantages that are quite complete as if covering the price is quite expensive so that the sales rating is very high and even today there are still parties who want to have this phone.

But did you know that some of the Nokia Lumia users complained about the sharing feature in this phone. Unlike most mobile phones, Nokia Lumia does not have Bluetooth to transfer files. So one way that can be done is to use Zune Software.

Use of Zune Software

Zune Software is presented by one of the largest software development companies in the world, namely Microsoft, with one of the uses, namely as a media transfer between PCs or laptops to Nokia Lumia mobile phones. This makes sense because the operating system in the Nokia mobile phone brand was also designed by Microsoft.

The name Zune is actually not a name for just one software but is a collection of applications with different purposes, including as a media transfer file for Nokia Lumia.

With the availability of various Zune facilities, it is a gathering place for many platforms. Not only useful for Nokia Lumia, Zune Software is also an important asset for Smartphone users with Windows OS.

Since its inception in 2006 this software has attracted quite a lot of attention, but it is unfortunate in October 2011 that its development was stopped by Microsoft. But you do not worry because to get it you can visit the web on the internet, because there are still many that provide download links and can be obtained free of charge.

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