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DARFILE.COM – XYplorer is a file manager application for Windows PCs that is equipped with various interesting features such as search, preview, multi tabs and so on.

If you are not satisfied with the default file manager application Windows, this application might be the solution for you. By using this application you can manage files in Windows quickly and efficiently.

In addition, you can also use this application directly without the hassle of installing because this application is portable. Interestingly, this application also supports various versions of Windows from Windows 7, Windows 8, to Windows 10.

XYplorer Features

Actually, there are many file manager applications that you can use on a Windows PC, including Q-Dir, Clover Explorer and so on. This application made by Cologne Code Company is one that is quite popular, especially among users who are looking for a file manager application that is lightweight and easy to use.

The number of users who prefer to use this application to manage files in Windows is certainly not without reason, here are some of the features and advantages of XYplorer that you need to know.

1. Open multiple tabs

This app lets you open multiple tabs at the same time so you can switch between folders quickly and easily. You can also drag, hide, lock, and name the tabs however you want.

2. Can be customized

By using this application you can fine-tune the application interface according to your convenience. You can change the font, color, icon to the toolbar. Interestingly, this application is also equipped with a dark mode.

3. Portable

XYplorer is a portable file manager application, which means you can use this application directly without the hassle of installing. This application does not leave behind junk files and contaminate your registry.

Interestingly, because this application is portable, you can insert it into a flash disk so it can be used on any PC or laptop.

4. Scriptable

Yes, you can program this application according to your needs to automate and speed up certain tasks. However, this feature may not be very useful for novice users as it requires some scripting knowledge.

In short, if you are looking for a file manager application for Windows PC that is packed with features and can help you manage your files then XYplorer is one of the applications you need to consider.

Download XYplorer

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