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Download XnConvert 1.80

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DARFILE.COM – XnConvert is an image converter that supports more than 800 file formats such as jpeg, tiff, png, gif, camera raw, jpeg2000, webp, open exr and others.

In the digital age like today, it’s not easy to calculate the number of photos you make. It doesn’t cost much to produce the number of photos you want, until your camera or smartphone battery runs out. Then you will use the photo for you to upload, share, edit, and so on.

We often edit photos in general and simple ways such as resize, rename, format conversion, color fix, and so on. Imagine if you sat down to resize and rename hundreds of photos manually.

XnConverter can do more than that. Apart from its powerful performance, XnConverter is also easy to use.

Drag and drop your photo in the Input area, then edit the photo as you wish in the Actions area, then Add action. With this you can do anything about your photos from resize, rotate, watermark, border, to playing with colors.

In the Output Area, you can create a new filename, you can also do a rename batch to make it easier for you to name a lot of photos.

Download XnConvert

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