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DARFILE.COM – WordWeb is an application or translator software. Have you as a user or computer user ever read one or even several files in a foreign language that you also do not really understand what is meant in the file? If so, you might consider installing this software or application on your PC or computer. WordWeb is a software or application that specializes in foreign language translation. There are several foreign languages that are supported for translation.

WordWeb, the Best Translator Software

WordWeb is headquartered in the UK and is run by its main maker, Antony Lewis. The WordWeb dictionary and its thesaurus are among the best known and most downloaded, totaling more than 10 million. This application is ranked first in the Translator Software category on the leading official download site download.com.

With this application you don’t need to open the application to search for translations. You simply block the words you want to find meaning, then press CTRL and right-click on your mouse, then the application will open automatically. This feature is one of the highlights of the product by the developers. Ease of access will help you, the user to access the application more optimally.

WordWeb not only helps you search for definitions of a word, but also has a feature to search for an equivalent and also the opposite of the word you are looking for. In addition, this software will also help you to search by reference online if you are connected to the internet. You can search by reference from various websites such as Wikipedia, which is already well-known as the largest reference site that exists today. Also, you can access dictionaries from third parties such as Oxford which are worldwide and have no doubt their credibility.

Some other features include that you can add your own glossary that you don’t think is available in the Glossaries menu feature provided. Then there is the word search feature. With this feature, you can search for the words you want to translate according to the context you want.

In addition to the above features, WordWeb also has several additional features such as being able to mark or bookmark words, highlighting the most used and most understood words, the choice to hide vulgar and offensive words, there are more than 130,000 synonym of words, 70,000 use examples that are relevant to word search, also show the words closest to the alphabet, plus suggestions for writing errors.

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