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wise game booster
wise game booster

DARFILE.COM – Wise Game Booster is a free application that can optimize PC performance when playing games. The application will then scan your computer for games that have been installed.

However, not all games are recognized by this one application, even so, users can add certain games to this application so that they can be optimized when played.

This application works by detecting problems that can affect PC performance during gaming. Users will be asked to disable some services to optimize PC performance when playing games.

Users can also revert all changes that have been made to previous settings in one click, so you don’t have to bother to restore them manually.

Wise Game Booster Excellence

There are many game booster applications that you can use on a Windows PC, but if you want to use a free, simple, and effective application then this is a must-have application for you to consider. Here are some of the advantages of Wise Game Booster that you need to know:

1. Light and simple, but quite effective

By using this application you don’t have to worry about compromising PC performance because this application has a small and simple size.

Apart from that, this application can also optimize system settings, ending unnecessary programs and services with just one click.

2. Can stabilize and speed up PC

This application is equipped with a System Optimizer feature that can be used to increase system stability and speed.

3. Optimize manually

Advanced computer users can end processes or stop services manually, but this feature should of course be used with caution as some services can affect computer performance when stopped.

However, you also don’t need to worry because this application is equipped with a feature that can back up your settings, so you can easily restore them when you have a problem.

In short, if you want to optimize your PC’s performance while playing games, Wise Game Booster is the right app for you. The reason is, apart from being free, this application is also rich in features.

In addition, this application is also compatible with various versions of Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 10, whether 32-bit or 64-bit. Interestingly, this application also provides a portable version.

Download Wise Game Booster

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