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wise care 365
wise care 365

DARFILE.COM – Wise Care 365 is a utility software developed and published by the WiseCleaner company, Wise Care 365 is claimed to have been downloaded more than 30,000,000 times by users from all over the world. Its main function is to clean the computer with the Windows operating system.

Just one click you will get a complete computer system inspection package, ranging from security, optimization of free space by deleting “useless” files to clearing browsing history in web browser software.

Here are some of the main functions of Wise Care 365 you need to know:

  1. Clean & Speed-up Computer. Clean up and increase computer speed by using the method of cleaning up unused files, file history, and optimization of software usage (some software runs automatically even though we don’t use it).
  2. Hardware Inventory. This feature displays a list of installed hardware along with information about the complete hardware specifications.
  3. Privacy Protection in Real-time. Protection of computer usage history thereby reducing privacy security risks by deleting usage history. Wise Care 365 is equipped with a real-time service, so when the computer feels it needs to be optimized, Wise Care 365 will display a notification that contains suggestions for running a feature.
  4. Silent Mode. This mode will be very useful when you are active in using a computer without wanting to be disturbed by notifications, for example when you play a game (silent mode is also identical to gaming mode), by activating the silent mode your activities will not be interrupted by the notification.
  5. Faster Boot-up Speed. Increase the boot-up speed (boot) of the computer when it is turned on, by turning off software that runs automatically when Windows is turned on, the boot-up speed can be increased, the idea is to make Windows not too busy running software that is not needed at startup (it starts).
  6. Free-up More Drive Space. Hard disk on your computer is full because of many temporary files, lots of duplicate files, or maybe because of “giant” files that you don’t really need? Wise Care 365 can solve this problem so you will have optimal free space on your computer’s hard disk.
  7. Automatic Updates. Every time an update is available, Wise Care 365 will automatically update itself so that you will always get the latest version of Wise Care 365 with various updates and improvements on each version, so you don’t have to bother downloading the new Wise Care 365 or manually updating it.

Wise Care 365 is equipped with features to connect to WiseCleaner support services, including technical services, so that when you experience problems using Wise Care 365 you can immediately get official support from the developer. Therefore, do not be surprised if many software downloads to be installed on their PC or laptop.

Download Wise Care 365

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