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DARFILE.COM – WinSCP is a free open source SCP & FTP software that will help you easily transfer files to and from the remote server.

WinSCP is a free open source file transfer client, and simple for Windows that uses Secure Shell (SSH) technology to store files that have been copied between remote and local PCs using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), SSH FTP, or SCP (Secure Copy) protocols and also provides some basic file settings features.

Some of the WinSCP features include:

  • Equipped with an attractive Graphical User Interface.
  • It has been translated into various languages.
  • Support is used by drag and drop.
  • Supports the U3 feature from Kingston.
  • Can do various standard things (create, edit, delete files and folders).
  • Supports SFTP and SCP protocols through SSH-1 and SSH-2 connections, including also through the old FTP protocol.
  • Can do batching and command line processes.
  • Provides an internal text editor in it.
  • Running SSH Password, interactive keyboard, public key and also Kerberos Authentication.
  • Can be run together with PuTTY.
  • Display available in graphic and text mode.

Download WinSCP

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