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DARFILE.COM – WinMerge is a software or software that can be used for the comparison process between one file with another file. Along with the development of technology the use of computers as data processing media has become so vital. Many important tasks assigned to the computer. Things like office work to write programming coding scripts for example.

The pile of work certainly requires data management that must also be detailed, such as when you have to do the duplication of coding process and have to compare the two files. Maybe if the files that have to be compared are only 2 or 3 files, you can still do it manually. But if there are thousands of files to compare, you will be overwhelmed by them. That’s why WinMerge software is here to help you.

The usefulness of WinMerge

With a fairly simple display, this software has the main function as stated, as software that is able to do the comparison between one file with another file. You just have to open this software and choose the file you want to compare. WinMerge will automatically make the comparison process. If there are differences between the two files, this software will highlight different words or sentences, even to different letters.

WinMerge will display the two files that are compared in two windows, so you can directly compare and see different things in the two files. If you want to merge the two files, you can also unify the file through the merge feature that this software also has. In addition to file comparisons, WinMerge can also help you to do the comparison process between one folder with another, including the files inside.

WinMerge also has a version control feature. This feature will certainly greatly help users who use this software to compare programming files. The programmer or developer will be able to see changes in the programming file he wrote. If there are changes or conflicts between files, WinMerge will highlight and help resolve the conflict.

This software is free licensed, a thing that certainly is an advantage and its own advantages in a software for some people. WinMerge supports installation on Microsoft Windows both 32 bit and 64 bit, can also handle text files in Unix or Mac format. You can also compare Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other files with the addition of plugins.

Download WinMerge

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