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windows media player
windows media player

DARFILE.COM – Windows Media Player is software that was developed by Microsoft as a media player. This application is useful for playing audio, video and viewing pictures on your PC. Initially Windows Media Player was used for media players on the Windows operating system either PC or other device. Microsoft also released it for the operating system Mac OS, Mac OS X and Solaris, but unfortunately the development was stopped. Not only as a media player, Windows Media Player has several other features.

Windows Media Player

The following features of Windows Media Player:

Windows Media Player supports almost all media formats in audio and video including: WMA, MP3, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, ALAC, AAC, 3GP, MP4, MOV, AVCHD, M2TS, .mts, FLAC, HEVC, ASS and SubRip Subtitles (Subtitles) Windows 10). Windows Media Player also comes with CD-Burning audio support. So you can do data burning in the form of media in this program. In addition to burning CDs, you can also retrieve data from other CDs such as music CDs.

In addition, there are also virtualization features. If you’ve ever played music in Windows Media Player, there are options for displaying visualizations. Basically the visualization in this application follows the rhythm of the music when playing. Currently there are three types of visualization, namely Alchemy, Bars and Waves. Windows Media Player also provides features to connect, share and synchronize with your portable device. So you can play your favorite playlists on your portable device.

There is also a Shell Integration feature. This feature is used to integrate files that are in Windows Explorer on your PC. This feature allows you to automatically add files to Windows Media Player that were taken from a folder in Windows Explorer.

In Windows Media Player version 11, Microsoft added streaming media features. This feature allows you to integrate or play content from universal AV devices, such as PS3, Xbox 360 and Roku SoundBridge. Windows Media Player also has a display mode, where users can change the appearance or skin that is owned by this application.

Download Windows Media Player

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