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Download Windows 10 Transformation Pack 7.0

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windows 10 transformation pack
windows 10 transformation pack

DARFILE.COM – Windows 10 Transformation Pack can change the interface of Windows 7/8 / Vista / XP to Windows 10. Including Windows 10 Boot Screen, Login Screen, Theme, Wallpaper, Icons, Sounds, Fonts, Metro / Modern UI, Aero Coloring, UserTile taskbar and more.

There are changes from the latest Transformation Pack, including a display that returns and modifies the start menu.

What’s new in Windows 10 Transformation Pack 2.0:

  • Easily Configured with Metro UI design
  • Smart file system update with automatic fixes
  • Revived Start menu with Metro support
  • Betta fish standard user logon screen
  • Added the Segoe font in Windows 8.1
  • File system update to prevent conflicts with Windows Update
  • Added Windows 10 wallpaper
  • Immersive UI returned to Newgen with a lower memory usage configuration
  • Fixed modification of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7
  • WinMetro always runs on startup problems
  • Improved DWM detection method using API commands
  • Improved font installation method that is more reliable without causing cache font disturbance
  • Windows XP Metro Inspirat theme with Windows 8.1 update and some improvements
  • Updated Newgen for the latest version free 12 Preview
  • Update Windows 10 graphics and icons in the file system
  • Virtual Desktop from Microsoft

Download Windows 10 Transformation Pack

Download the latest Free Windows 10 Transformation Pack by clicking the button below.

Password: thememypc.net

DOWNLOAD [32/64-bit] [133.54MB]

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