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DARFILE.COM – The development of technology is driving the advancement of computer support components, one of them is on a component called a hard drive. The increasingly vital role of the computer demands greater availability of space in your computer’s internal memory. But the fact is that the greater capacity of a hardware device does not mean that the space on your computer is unlimited.

The longer you will definitely find a condition where the internal memory space is less because more and more files are stored. Instead of having to replace the hard drive it would be wise if you manage your storage space first, make sure there is or not the presence of files that are less important. A software called WinDirStat is the best solution for handling your computer’s storage space.

The usefulness of WinDirStat

As the name implies, WinDirStat is a software that is used as an alternative if you want to manage space on an almost full hard disk. How it works from WinDirStat is to do a complete scan of the hard disk and then the results will be displayed on each part. After everything is displayed then you will know and can manage the internal storage space.

In addition there are many other advantages of this WinDirStat software, including the interface that is quite simple but interesting. You can choose one or all of the partitions to be scanned. There is also a PacMan character that is intended as a progress bar for the scanning you are doing.

This is a unique feature of WinDirStat. The greater the size or storage capacity that is scanned will certainly take longer. Another unique feature of WinDirStat software is its presentation of information. After the scanning process is complete the window will automatically display the results.

There are 3 panels in the information viewer window with different presentation methods that are interconnected with each other. The first on the top left is the overall folder viewer that is in one or all partitions. The second display next to it provides file details based on each extension and is sorted from the largest and most space-consuming to the smallest.

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