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DARFILE.COM – In the world of programming, especially on the web must have understood the term server or can be called the web management master. So all types of websites both social media, web news and others must have a server or manager. But for beginners who are still in the stage of learning to make the web, of course, they cannot directly apply to a real website or blog.

Skilled skills are needed because web programming is also quite complicated, coding writing errors will have a fatal impact and bring up an error display on the web. Therefore there is also a need for training server management software but not on the actual web. In this article, we recommend using WAMPServer for those of you who are still learning the web programming stage.

The usefulness of WAMPServer

Most of the web programmers may be more familiar with XAMPPServer as local server software or commonly called localhost. But it turns out there is also a WAMPServer with the same function but the usage and the system are certainly different. WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP. These terms cannot be separated from web programming. There is the word Windows because this software can only be installed on Windows OS only. But in terms of configuration, this WAMPServer is arguably easier than XAMPPServer. The process of running the program is also lighter on all types of Windows OS.

The way the local server works, including on WAMPServer is to install website hosting that already has a CMS (Content Management System) aspect on your computer. Database creation can also be done, but can only be accessed via your computer (localhost). So as if you already manage the web and you yourself are assessing the advantages and disadvantages of your website.

For experienced IT programmers, this WAMPServer might not really need it, but for novice programmers or bloggers this software is absolutely necessary. There are many free templates available on the internet, but if we feel unsuitable and want to change it a little, it still requires skill and understanding of web programming. The importance of the existence of this WAMPServer on our computers is not without reason. We can see that many webhosts have implemented a CMS system so that it can make it easier for programmers, especially those who are beginners.

Before directly tweaking the web directly you can learn it first. Many tools available that make it easier for us to learn scripts or code on the website. After understanding it can be done a little editing or even can directly create a template from scratch according to our wishes. This can be done offline or without an internet connection. Once deemed suitable and there are no errors, we can immediately apply it on the actual web.

Download WAMPServer

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