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visual studio code
visual studio code

DARFILE.COM – Visual Studio Code is a software package that can be used to create programming scripts. Along with the development of technology and the internet, many activities can be directly carried out through computers or even online on the internet.

Because of that, the developers or software developers are required to be able to work and innovate more in order to meet the needs and desires of the market. Because of this need, the source code editor software becomes indispensable. Its existence is not exactly small, one of them is Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code is a code editor software created and developed by Microsoft. As one of the most popular developer companies and the most widely used operating system products, they realize that there are many softwares that do not use the programming language they make, .NET.

That’s why Microsoft finally decided to release a software product supporting writing scripts from various programming languages. This Visual Studio Code software was first released on April 29, 2015 at the 2015 Build Developer Conference. Then on November 18 2015 the Visual Studio Code software was also released under the auspices of the MIT License and the source code was posted to GitHub.

Visual Studio Code has syntax colloring and bracket matching features supported by several large programming languages ​​such as Batch, C ++, Closure, Coffee Script, Docker File, F #, Go, Jade, Java, Handle Bars, This, Lua, Make file, Markdown , Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Power Shell, Python, R, Razor, Ruby, SQL, Visual Basic and XML. With this feature, the programmer or developer will be made easier because the code editor will automatically color the code and detect the bracket in the code.

Besides this Visual Studio Code software also has IntelliSense feature. This feature allows the software to bring up a pop up containing a list of codes that can be directly applied in the syntax line each time the user or programmer starts writing the code. This is very helpful, so that programmers can avoid mistakes such as incorrect writing or spelling code.

Required specifications:

  1. Hardware, hardware recommendations needed are having a 1.6 GHz processor or faster processor, and a minimum of 1 GB RAM.
  2. Operating system, Windows operating system is minimal if using Windows 7 is required to install the .NET Framework 4.5.2 for other operating systems, namely: OS X Yosemite, Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux (Debian): Ubuntu Desktop 14.04, Debian 7, Linux (Red Hat): Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, CentOS 7, Fedora 23.
  3. Additional Linux requirements are: GLIBCXX version 3.4.15 or later, GLIBCX version 2.15 or later.

The advantages of Visual Studio Code:

  1. This code editor is free, by using this software you don’t need to pay to get premium features.
  2. Automatically installed EMMET function. The EMMET function is an auto complete function in writing programming code.
  3. Already installed the LINTER & INTELLISENSE function automatically. The LINTER & INTELLISENSE function is an error checker function that is very helpful when writing / editing programming code.
  4. Ease of Working with Color. If you write a color code, a preview of the color code written will automatically appear.
  5. Have a Sidebar that is Rich in Features. This sidebar is almost similar to the taskbar in the Windows OS. There will be many tools available that are ready to use.
  6. Easily Manage Extensions. Management of extensions is relatively easy, even though this is the first time it has been used.
  7. Easily Integrated with GIT. This feature is rarely used, because this feature is specifically used for developers who work in teams.

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