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Download Unity 2019.2.17

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DARFILE.COM – Unity is a game engine software developed by Unity Technologies, Unity can be used for various purposes, especially for developing video games and computer simulations, games for console devices and games for mobile devices. Unity was first available only for OS X, but today Unity is a cross platform with a target of more than 25 25+ platforms including mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR and the Web.

Unity can be used to design 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional scenes, storytelling and cinematics, lighting, audio systems, sprite management, particle effects and dopesheet animation systems. Do you need “assets” for your game project? Unity provides the Unity Asset Store which offers a variety of assets (models, animations, audio, shaders, textures, materials, scripts, etc.) that you can have for free (some are paid assets).

The usefulness of Unity

1. Unity Editor with complete tools for various purposes

Unity is equipped with a ‘myriad’ editor tools that are useful to support game development quickly, including “Unity Play Mode” (development tools for iterative editing quickly) and “Unity Particle System” (a tool that allows you to easily create fluid, cloud objects and fire with 2-dimensional images). Unity Editor also features a “timeline” tool that allows you to create cinematic content and gameplay sequences. Combined with the unique “Cinemachine smart camera” system, you can control the camera like a film director.

2. Complete lighting features, gradations and color effects and animations

Unity can create a professional-looking look with full features of “Post Processing FX”. Unity is equipped with “Progressive Lightmapper” which is useful as a lighting tool with the features “Post Processing” (to polish the scene) and “Mixed Lighting Modes” (for scene optimization) that can be adapted to various platforms. You can also use Timeline, Anima2D, Particles, and the integration with Autodesk Maya and other 3rd party tools to use together with Unity, so you can make a prototype and then import scenes from Autodesk Maya freely.

3. Supports 2D and 3D and is equipped with Artificial Intelegent for NPC

Unity supports the development of 2D and 3D objects with specific features and functionality for the specific needs of any genre. Unity also has a navigation system that allows you to create NPCs (non-player characters) that can move in the game world with artificial intelligence, navigation can be made automatically from scene geometry or even dynamic barriers to change character navigation at runtime (of course automatically with AI).

4. Rendering with amazing results

Unity is equipped with a “real-time rendering engine” capable of producing stunning visual effects with “Real-Time Global Illumination” and “Physically Based Rendering”. Unity is also equipped with “Native Graphics API” so that it supports multiplatform, but still uses “low level graphics” that allows you to use the latest hardware, such as Vulkan, iOS Metal, DirectX12, nVidia VRWorks or AMD LiquidVR.

Unity is the software of choice for the majority of video game developers and XR (Extended Reality). Unity has been used by all developers of AAA game studios such as Ubisoft, well-known creative agents like Weiden + Kennedy, space pioneers at NASA, renowned Hollywood directors like Neill Blomkamp and Eric Darnell, and even Google friends on Tiltbrush and Blocks, Unity is the best solution to dive into the latest technology.

Note: This latest version officially uses an online installer so that the Unity version you use will be compatible with your PC / laptop system. In addition, with the online installer, you can also choose what components you want to install.

Download Unity

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