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undelete 360
undelete 360

DARFILE.COM – Undelete 360 ​​is one of the best programs to restore files accidentally or accidentally deleted from your laptop / computer.

Undelete 360 ​​can restore files deleted from computer hard drives, USB / thumb drives, memory sticks, memory cards used on cameras, smart phones, pen drives, and more. This program also supports file recovery and folder recovery.

This software will start by browsing and searching for deleted files on the drive you specify. Click the Search button to get started.

After Undelete 360 ​​has finished searching, in the File Found panel you can see the files that were found. Undelete 360 ​​also allows to view files that are found by category in the Group By section, such as Application, PDF, Bitmap, GIF graphics and others. In addition, you can use the search function, file preview, view file properties, HEX code, and log software.

Undelete 360 ​​is a free version of a commercial product, so of course there are some features left in this version such as filters, previews and so on. Even so, the button for that feature will still appear, and will take you to the program’s purchase page, which can be annoying.

In use, there is no limit to the number or size of files you want to restore, and this program is very easy to use. Just show the desired drive and the program will scan deleted files which can then be shown based on the file type. Undelete 360 ​​is proven to be able to restore files that cannot be found by other programs.

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