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DARFILE.COM – UltraVNC is a powerful and easy-to-use free remote control application to display other computer / laptop screens via the internet or local network on your laptop / pc screen.

UltraVnc (Virtual Network Computing) allows you to use a keyboard and mouse to control other computers remotely via a local network or the internet. This means you can work on the remote target computer, as if you are sitting in front of a computer that is controlled directly from where you are.

The server and client application provides complete and detailed configuration options. Many settings can be done, such as whether the server can only monitor or can also be used to control the client computer in full.

Supports up to several displays on one screen so you can provide solutions simultaneously. You can set the maximum number of screens. However, keep in mind that more screens will burden the computer. So, adjust the ability of your server computer to display several screens at once.

Features of UltraVNC:

  1. File transfer, video driver, MS Logon, text chat, Viewer Toolbar, Java Viewer with File Transfer, supported by multiple monitors, auto reconnection, and others.
  2. UltraVNC can be a solution that makes it easier for you to fix problems on a client computer without having to be on that client computer. This application is perfect for admins who have to monitor the use of computers in large numbers remotely, such as at the office, school or computer training place.

Download UltraVNC

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