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DARFILE.COM – Ultrasurf is an application that provides multiple web proxies that are used when browsing on the internet to be private and secure.

By using this application, the IP address used when browsing will be replaced by an IP address that is already setup on ultrasurf. The principle works almost similar to the working principle of a tunnel.

Some of the advantages of this tunnel software:

  1. Protect the internet user activity using anonymously by hiding IP, cleaning history and cookies.
  2. High encryption and security.
  3. Uses a high SSL encryption standard, usually used for financial data transfers such as internet banking. All data sent using ultrasurf is encrypted and confirmed that no one else sees the transaction.
  4. Portable and small in size.
  5. Provides three different proxy server options, so if one proxy is dead it can still use the other two proxies.

Sometimes considered a virus by an antivirus, this is due to ultrasurf being able to pass through a system’s firewall.

It would be nice if you use a browser that supports auto configuration such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. For Mozilla and Chrome, you can directly use Ultrasurf. For browsers that don’t support auto configuration, you can change settings manually by only entering IP and port 9666 in your proxy server configuration.

Download Ultrasurf

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