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DARFILE.COM – UltraEdit is an application or software that you can use to write lines of code to create a program. If you read this review, chances are that you are one of the many people who have never used a computer. Now, when you use a computer, you will definitely do a lot of activities and interact by using a variety of applications.

But did you know that the application or program was originally just a line of code written in various programming languages. The author we usually call the programmer or developer writes the lines of code in a text editor application so that it can produce applications that are useful for the community. There are also many text editor applications. You can choose one of the many text editors, one of which you can use as an alternative is an application called UltraEdit.

The usefulness of UltraEdit

The UltraEdit application was first created by Ian D. Mead. He is the founder of the developer company IDM Computer Solutions Inc. in 1994. Initially this application was called MEDIT which could only run on computers based on Microsoft Windows systems.

By using this application, you certainly already know its main feature, which is to write programming code to create a program. In addition to these features, this application also has many other features. One of them is the ability of this application to facilitate the opening and editing of files with large sizes up to 4 GB and even more. This application also has a native 64 bit architecture. In addition this application also has a document map navigation feature that will make it easier for you to find documents.

You can also do blocking and highlighting the code you write so that it can be more easily understood. The Find and Replace feature in the UltraEdit application is similar to similar features in your browser, so you don’t need to struggle if you want to find the wrong code among thousands of lines of program code.

With this UltraEdit application you will also be able to find the auto completion feature. So you don’t need to bother writing the entire code, because this application will complete the most frequent and familiar programming code. You will also find a data sorting feature that will simplify and simplify your file search process. There are also encryption and decryption features that will support writing security code in your program.

This UltraEdit application is available not only on one platform, although initially this application was only written for Microsoft Windows-based computers only. Now you can also enjoy it if you use a computer with Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

Download UltraEdit

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