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tv 3l pc
tv 3l pc

DARFILE.COM – TV 3L PC is a free software that is useful for watching your favorite TV channels from all over the world on your PC. This program was developed by Smart PC Soft, Cairo, Egypt. Smart PC Soft itself is an application developer for PC developers. This application also allows you to create and share playlists that you create. This application can be run on Windows and Android operating systems in the form of a PC.

TV 3L PC feature

Features that you can get from 3L PC TV programs include:

  • Does not require extra hardware, meaning you can immediately enjoy this program without additional tools, just simply install this application on your PC.
  • There are no subscriptions or fees, you can enjoy this application for free.
  • There is no bandwidth limit, whatever your internet speed, you will still be able to use this application.
  • Unlimited use, there are no time restrictions on using a 3L PC TV.
  • There are all types of TV channels, such as movies, tv shows, music, sports, documentaries, children, news and even radio.
  • Automatically update the database.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Multi-language, so you can use it easily from other language translations.
  • It’s easy to tag your favorite TV channels, so you can easily watch your favorite TV channels without having to search for them again.
  • Streaming channels using LAN, you can stream TV channels using the local network.
  • Record TV channels, you can watch them again later.
    Can watch more than one TV channel at the same time.

TV 3L PC provides more than 1000 TV channels. All channels in this application are TV channels from all over the world. Therefore, do not be surprised if many people want to download this software.

Download TV 3L PC

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