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total commander
total commander

DARFILE.COM – Total Commander is a kind of Windows Explorer software that has the advantage of being able to handle archive files, the command line to run another application and an excellent search method.

This Total Commander is a software explorer manager made by Christian Ghisler that is very user friendly, for those who had felt the era of Disk Operating System (DOS) certainly had time to know a similar software that is Norton Commander. The function and workings of this Total Commander are the same as Norton Commander, but with updated features to be able to run Windows functions.

It is a popular file manager with all the functions that these programs need. In this File manager builds a quick view panel with bitmap files, unpacks RAR, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, UC2, CAB, ACE and etc. additional to other archive files, novtan, built-in ftp-clients (you can download / upload files in several threads, there is a resume, www-proxy support with ftp, and even features as download-off connection at certain times for ftp).

It will be needed, and features like uue / MIME / XXE encoding / decoding and cutting / pasting long files, and many other functions needed to work with files.

Commander can do more than Explorer, for example to pack and unpack files, access FTP servers, compare files with content, etc.

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