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DARFILE.COM – TortoiseSVN is a subversion application or software client that is useful to help software developers or programmers control version. In making software, developers and or programmers often do it in teams or groups. Have you ever wondered how programmers in a team can work on one application or even the same source code?

How do they control the changes that will occur in the coding done together? One way is to use a version control based application (control version system). Because it is quite important, many developers decide to make similar applications. One of them is the TortoiseSVN application.

The usefulness of TortoiseSVN

This TortoiseSVN application was first created and developed by a developer named Tim Kemp and was released in 2002. Since then, this application has arguably had a pretty good popularity even in 2007 TortoiseSVN had won the Community Choice Award for the Best Tool or Utility for category Developers organized by SourceForge.net.

In addition, another interesting thing that is worth noting is that this application is open source. This is because this application was released under the GNU General Public License. So anyone can access and download all the code and / or syntax available in this application. You can edit and improve this application as you wish. All you can do for free. You also do not have to pay any fees to install and run this application.

This application may be an application that is the answer to the difficulties that have been experienced by programmers. Now they can be more comfortable working together on an application project without having to worry about the changes made. Because with this application, programmers can immediately check these changes. If the change is not appropriate or even cause an error, the programmer can immediately restore the code to the period before the change occurred.

Then another thing that makes this application popular is the ability of the TortoiseSVN application in the form of a plug in or extension so that it can be integrated with the file manager owned by Windows, Windows explorer. This certainly can be a plus for programmers and software developers because that way they don’t need to open the launcher to open the application.

You can work with the application you use to write coding and the Windows shell will help you open the TortoiseSVN application. User graphical display or GUI that is easy to understand is also another key that makes this application easily understood and used by various levels of programmers or developers.

Download TortoiseSVN

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