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DARFILE.COM – The development of technology in the field of information and communication is also used by several parties involved in the computer software industry. One form is to create remote education software based on video calls. Most people today do consider telephone or text messages too ordinary, they want communication that can connect directly between two or more users.

One software that supports this is TeamSpeak. This software has a function so that users consisting of clients and servers can communicate directly (voice chat). Has similar performance as a walkie talkie but can run on your own PC or laptop.

The usefulness of TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak was created by special developers who want a lightweight but powerful communication device. They develop software that is not too wasteful in terms of resource use and bandwidth, so that in this case a fairly heavy online game application can be run simultaneously. This is one of the benefits of TeamSpeak is that it allows users to talk to each other with an Internet connection. And the most benefit of course is the gamers themselves, because with this application they can communicate with other gamers while still running the game.

Playing FPS games (first person shoot) or other types that sometimes require good teamwork will certainly be more exciting if your computer has this software. The game will take place like a real war because the users who play can communicate with each other.

But of course as explained earlier, this application when it runs in addition to involving the client also requires a server. The function of this server is as its center or arguably like a host that connects several clients or users involved in it, the number of clients is not limited even to be able to handle thousands of users simultaneously.

Because TeamSpeak uses the voice chat method, we naturally need to have a headset. When there is no headset, we can also use the chat box like sending a message in general. To download this software we can go directly to the official website and carry out the installation process as usual. Adjust the specifications of your computer when downloading, because there will be a choice of 32 bits or 64 bits.

To use it is also quite easy, you only need to set a nickname or name for the identity to the server or another user. The settings are only done the first time in the setup wizard, one example is the settings for communication. Here you can set whether to use Voice Activation Detection (VAD) and Push to Talk (PTT).

Download TeamSpeak

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DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK CLIENT 3.3.2 [32-bit] [74.79MB] DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK CLIENT 3.3.2 [64-bit] [83.98MB]

DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK SERVER 3.10.2 [32-bit] [7.12MB] DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK SERVER 3.10.2 [64-bit] [7.80MB]

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