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tango for pc
tango for pc

DARFILE.COM – Tango is one of the many applications or software that carries the instant messaging flag in its marketing. All parts of the internet that are now prevalent with networks that connect them, between one person and another, between one family and another family. Even if you have a family or relative located far from your current location, I’m sure you don’t feel lost.

That’s because today’s technology has enabled you to be able to keep in touch with your family. So many instant messaging software that have sprung up. Most of them also not only offer instant messaging or chatting, many of them also offer online calls or telephone online. One alternative is this software, Tango.

Tango for PC

Tango is based in Mountain View, California. This software was first created by Uri Raz and Eric Setton in September 2009. The two men are trying to find a way so that their families and siblings who are in other parts of the world can continue to communicate with them, even though they are cut apart by distances of tens of thousands of kilometers. Uri Raz is an entrepreneur and Eric Setton is an electrician. Both make a service using peer to peer technology and video compression technology with the ability to capture hundreds of millions of users with relatively low or inexpensive infrastructure costs, while being able to provide high-quality video that can work on a variety of network platforms from 3G, 4G networks to networks WiFi.

In September 2010, the Tango application or software was launched and in the first 10 days, there were more than one million people who had downloaded the application. That’s why the two founders got funds from big investors like Alibaba, co-founder of Yahoo, and several other investors with a total fund of around 280 million US dollars.

Some of the main features of Tango include video calls. This feature is one of the fundamental features of this software, where users can directly make video connections with other users. Tango has one unique feature that is rarely found in its competitors. Namely the masks feature. While the user is making a video call, you can play around by putting a little mask on the person you’re talking to. Of course this will add to the excitement of your video call activity.

In addition to video calls, Tango also has features to make overseas calls. Users can make direct telephone connections to numbers on a United States, Canada, Mexico and India basis. Then, like many other instant messaging application providers, Tango also provides stickers, filtering, sending and receiving photos and videos as well as games. If you have a collection of relatives or family connected to this application, you can also create groups, so communication between relatives becomes faster and easier.

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