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softperfect network scanner

Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner 6.2.1

DARFILE.COM – SoftPerfect Network Scanner is an IP, NetBios and SNMP scanner application. This program will detect external and local IPs and identify active...
total commander

Download Total Commander 9.22a

DARFILE.COM – Total Commander is a kind of Windows Explorer software that has the advantage of being able to handle archive files, the command...
attribute changer

Download Attribute Changer 9.10e

DARFILE.COM – Attribute Changer is a Windows file manager utility that can help users to quickly change file and folder attributes that can be...
multi commander

Download Multi Commander

DARFILE.COM – Multi Commander is a complete file manager and gives you various convenience in managing files and performing various jobs related to file...

Download Q-Dir 7.55

DARFILE.COM – Q-Dir is a file management software based on Windows Explorer, but has 4 tabs in one window. Not only has 4 tabs...