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Download mp3DirectCut 2.25

DARFILE.COM – Listening to songs becomes a matter of course for everyone and is used as a way to entertain yourself. Hearing songs can...

Download SynthFont 1.723

DARFILE.COM – SynthFont is software for editing and playing MIDI files using sound source files such as soundfonts, GigaSampler files, SFZ files and many...
windows 10 transformation pack

Download Windows 10 Transformation Pack 7.0

DARFILE.COM – Windows 10 Transformation Pack can change the interface of Windows 7/8 / Vista / XP to Windows 10. Including Windows 10 Boot...

Download MiniLyrics 7.7.49

DARFILE.COM – MiniLyrics is an application to see the lyrics of your favorite songs played by media players like Winamp, AIMP, Jriver, Windows media...

Download AIMP 4.51.2084

DARFILE.COM – AIMP is a very lightweight free audio player, support for playing all audio formats, like Winamp. However, it has a more attractive...

Download Winamp 5.8.3660

DARFILE.COM – Winamp is a Multimedia player that supports various music formats including MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 layer audio 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC,...

Download Audacity 2.3.2

DARFILE.COM – Audacity is software for recording and editing audio that is open source so that it can run on various operating systems and...
gom player

Download GOM Player

DARFILE.COM – GOM Player (Gretech Online Movie Player) is software that can view or listen to video and sound files that can be given...
hi-q mp3 voice recorder pro

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Pro 2.5.1 Final Paid

DARFILE.COM – The Hi-Q MP3 voice recorder is a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use application that takes sound recording to the next level. The variety of...

Download CDex 2.17

DARFILE.COM – CDex is a free CD Ripper software and helps extract data that you have in Audio CD in a fast and easy...