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Download CamStudio Latest Version

DARFILE.COM - CamStudio is a free and open-source application that you can use to record activities that appear on the screen of your Windows...

Download ScreenHunter Latest Version

DARFILE.COM - ScreenHunter Free is a free application that can be used to record your screen and save it to a video file or...

Download Screenpresso Latest Version

DARFILE.COM - Screenpresso is a free Windows PC and laptop screen recording application. By using this application you can record all the activities that...
net monitor for employees

Download Net Monitor for Employees Latest Version

DARFILE.COM - Net Monitor for Employees is a Windows application that can give you direct access to multiple computers remotely. As the name implies,...
pinnacle studio

Download Pinnacle Studio 23.0

DARFILE.COM – Pinnacle Studio is an application or software that you can use to edit and or modify videos. In this era, everything you...
quicktime player

Download QuickTime Player 7.7.9

DARFILE.COM – QuickTime player is a video player that has a small and attractive appearance. This video player software was developed by Apple and released...