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Download DirectX 12

DARFILE.COM – DirectX is an application that contains a collection of API (Application Programming Interfaces) that are used to handle tasks related to multimedia....

Download Brackets 1.14.1

DARFILE.COM – In the world of programming, it will never be separated from what is called software for code editor. In this software all...

Download Processing 3.5.3

DARFILE.COM – Processing is an application or software which is also a Java-based programming language with a graphical visual approach. Many of us often...

Download WinMerge 2.16.4

DARFILE.COM – WinMerge is a software or software that can be used for the comparison process between one file with another file. Along with...

Download PSPad 5.0.1 (312)

DARFILE.COM – PSPad is an application or software that you can use to write coding programming on a computer or PC. If you often...

Download Weka 3.8

DARFILE.COM – Weka is a software or application used for data mining based on the Java programming language. Before moving on to more details...

Download Netbeans 8.2

DARFILE.COM – Netbeans is an application or software specifically intended for programmers or developers to create and develop programs with the Java programming language....
dev c++

Download Dev C++ 5.11

DARFILE.COM – Dev C++ is an application or software used to write and develop a program. Computers, in this day and age are a...
sublime text

Download Sublime Text 3 Build 3207

DARFILE.COM – Sublime Text is a text editor that is most used by programmers all over the world because with this software it can...
visual studio code

Download Visual Studio Code 1.38

DARFILE.COM – Visual Studio Code is a software package that can be used to create programming scripts. Along with the development of technology and...