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Download GlassWire Latest Version

DARFILE.COM - GlassWire is a firewall application for Windows PCs that can be used to monitor network activity, monitor bandwidth usage statistics and prevent...
radmin vpn

Download Radmin VPN Latest Version

DARFILE.COM – Radmin VPN is a free application that can be used to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By using this application users...
netcut defender

Download Netcut Defender 2.1.4

DARFILE.COM – Netcut Defender is Software that is able to protect your Laptop / computer from ARP spoofing blocks both from netcut, and other...

Download Netcut 3.0.50

DARFILE.COM – NetCut is a tool to disconnect a user's internet connection in a LAN / Hotspot area. Netcut is an application used by...
complete internet repair

Download Complete Internet Repair

DARFILE.COM – Complete Internet Repair is a software to reset and restore internet configurations that may have changed intentionally or due to other interruptions. Generally...
free download manager

Download Free Download Manager

DARFILE.COM – Free Download Manager is an accelerator that can accelerate downloads by up to 500% faster than before. This uses the entire bandwidth...