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em client

Download eM Client Latest Version

DARFILE.COM - eM Client is an email client application for Windows PCs designed for both professional and home users. This application is equipped with...

Download TeamSpeak 3.3.2

DARFILE.COM – The development of technology in the field of information and communication is also used by several parties involved in the computer software...
tango for pc

Download Tango for PC 1.6.14117

DARFILE.COM – Tango is one of the many applications or software that carries the instant messaging flag in its marketing. All parts of the...

Download Pidgin 2.13.0

DARFILE.COM – Pidgin is a program for chat that allows you to log in to many types of chat services such as MIRC, Yahoo...
miranda im

Download Miranda IM 0.10.80

DARFILE.COM – Miranda IM is a client instant messenger multi protocol freeware designed for Windows with very little and very fast memory recource. Miranda is...

Download Telegram 1.6.7

DARFILE.COM – Telegram is a chat application that allows users to send secret messages encrypted end-to-end as a guarantee of security. The advantages of this...