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Download Puffin Browser Latest Version

DARFILE.COM – Puffin Browser is a free browser application for Windows PCs that focuses on speed and privacy. Even though this browser is not...
cent browser

Download Cent Browser

DARFILE.COM – Cent Browser is an intuitive and flexible web browser that you can use for free on Windows PCs. Just like Chrome, this...
brave browser

Download Brave Browser 1.20.103

DARFILE.COM – Brave Browser is an open-source web browser that is free to use. If you are looking for a browser that is lightweight...
ms edge

Microsoft Edge 81.0.416.58

DARFILE.COM – Microsoft Edge is a browser from Microsoft that was built with the Project Spartan rendering engine for Windows users in Internet browsing...

Download Slimjet

DARFILE.COM – Slimjet is a browser that was developed from the Blink system to protect your privacy while browsing online. Slimjet is a safe and...
microsoft edge

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 & Windows 8/8.1

DARFILE.COM – Microsoft Edge is a browser that was launched only for Windows 10. This browser is planned to be used instead of Internet...

Download Ultrasurf 19.02

DARFILE.COM – Ultrasurf is an application that provides multiple web proxies that are used when browsing on the internet to be private and secure. By...
adobe shockwave player

Download Adobe Shockwave Player

DARFILE.COM – Adobe Shockwave Player is a very powerful additional runtime for displaying various interactive multimedia web content such as games, business presentations, entertainment,...

Download Cyberfox 52.9.1

DARFILE.COM – Cyberfox is a web browser built from mozilla firefox source code that is optimized to have a much better performance and a...

Download Firemin

DARFILE.COM – Firemin is an application to handle memory leaks or spend too much computer / laptop memory resources when using the Mozilla Firefox...