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system explorer
system explorer

DARFILE.COM – System Explorer is a freeware that you can use to control and view detailed information of all processes that are running on your Laptop / Computer by combining various features that we don’t normally get in Task Manager.

Following are the full features of System Explorer:

  1. Display complete information about the process, task, module, startup, IE addon, Uninstaller, Windows, service, driver, connection and the file that you are opening.
  2. Easy to check the processes or tasks that you suspect or are not familiar with using VirusTotal, Jotti or the Database File.
  3. Enables you to monitor every process, activity and system changes that occur on your computer.
  4. Equipped with a graph that shows the use of system resources and complete information about the status of the system and the status of your laptop battery.

If you often browse the internet, download and install software, or often insert a USB Flash Disk into a laptop / PC, or you see suspicious activity with your computer, then there is no harm in doing security checks or security with the System Explorer application.

You can use System Explorer to replace the default task manager on your Windows computer. The way is to access the menu “Options -> Replace Task Manager”. That way the default task manager will be replaced with detailed process information that is far more complete.

Download System Explorer

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