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DARFILE.COM – Supercopier is an application that works to speed up the copy and paste process of files or folders on your PC and laptop.

One of the disadvantages of a Windows device is its ability to move and copy data from one storage to another. Therefore the Supercopier application is needed to complement the lack of built-in devices with the Windows operating system.

This application regulates the transfer of data in large sizes, Even in the form of a single data set or data that has a size large enough. With this application, it becomes an alternative to move data with a very large size without spending a long time. With a very small file size, you can use it without worrying about your favorite laptop / computer being overburdened and decreasing its performance due to this application.

SuperCopier replaces the Windows Explorer file copy function and adds several other features, providing detailed reports on copy procedures, a list of files that can be edited, and error logs when problems occur.

One of the features of SuperCopier is that, when you copy multiple files, you can change the priority of which files you want to copy first by opening the fold up list. Here you can prioritize which one you want to leave or leave first.

Not only does it regulate the process of copying data from one storage to another on your computer to be faster, this application also gives you an additional feature that allows you to pause the ongoing process and resume it when you want, see the speed of data transfer, view the percentage of the amount of data that has been successfully sent, and make records of data that has been successfully moved by rearranging the data that has been moved.

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