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DARFILE.COM – SUPER is a Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, where this MKV converter program can convert videos to different formats as you wish.

You just downloaded a video from Youtube. But one small problem arose. Your media player is not able to play videos with flash video (.flv) format.

The SUPER application can convert or convert the video format to another format that is compatible with your media player, for example .avi or .wmv.

There are many audio and video formats available in the multimedia universe, but none of them are truly compatible for all purposes. VOB (Video OBject) is a high definition video format for DVD, but it certainly makes the phone experience Shock when played on the device. This kind of portable device is more fitting to use a small video format with a low bitrate like 3gp.

Video sharing sites like Youtube rely on the .flv (flash video) format because it is superior in streaming aspects. While for videos that are only stored and played on a PC, there are several million formats such as avi, real media (.rm), quicktime, and wmv.

This is a simple program that will take control of various video formats, part by part of various formats such as AMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, and VOB, also supports images, audio formats, and AviSynth. Various multimedia formats can be played through various outputs, such as computers, smartphones, hardware players, and portable devices.

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