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DARFILE.COM – SpeedFan is a program to monitor voltage, fan speed and temperature on laptops and computers. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info and shows the hard disk temperature.

Some of you must often use a computer or laptop for a very long period of time, whether you use it for work, study or just playing games. The longer you use the laptop, the temperature will also increase (Heat). Of course, the heat on your laptop that is left continuously can have bad consequences and can be dangerous.

The temperature of the computer that is too hot is certainly not a good sign, in addition to making the computer hang often, in the long run will make the computer physically damaged due to burning on certain components.

One of the causes of high temperature on the computer may be due to inadequate air circulation in the CPU and computer usage for too long.

Actually, things like this can be easily overcome, simply by replacing / adding exhaust fans that have a higher rotation speed (RPM). Unfortunately this is not an easy way to apply to portable type computers (laptops), or to some branded desktop computers with compact models.

The only way that can be taken is to maximize existing facilities, namely by setting the fan to work with maximum speed, of course, with the help of the SpeedFan software.

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