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DARFILE.COM – SoulseekQt is a network-based and peer-to-peer file-sharing application or software. The use of computers in the technological era as it is becoming increasingly important and difficult to replace. Various kinds of activities that can be carried out in this media make it an increasingly vital role.

Besides doing various kinds of productivity activities, you can also do other activities such as watching movies or music with a computer. You can also download or download using your computer or PC. Of course you will need an internet network to download.

You can download the files in various ways. Can directly access to the relevant site or through certain mechanisms that are assisted by the application. One application that can be used to download or share files is SoulseekQt.

The usefulness of SoulseekQt

The name or SoulseekQt itself probably comes from two things. The first is one of two networks or the second is one of three user interface views of official clients. SoulseekQt application is mostly used to share multimedia files such as music files, although in fact the user is also possible to share many kinds of files besides music files.

This Soulseek application or software was first created and developed by an Israeli programmer named Nir Arbel. This application has actually been released since 1999 but in 2006 a new network called 157 / QT was used. In August 2011 it was discovered from reports that there were up to five times as many users.

Many things you can get are also features contained in this application. In terms of content, the SoulseekQt application basically gives users a lot of access to download various files from the servers they manage. But as mentioned above, the most widely available and downloaded files are music or audio files.

There are many types of audio and music files here, including underground music, independent artists, unreleased music such as demo and mixtape, bootlage, live songs and DJ sets and even songs that have been released by major labels are available.

Download SoulseekQt

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