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DARFILE.COM – SopCast is a P2P-based “Streaming Direct Broadcasting System” software that functions to broadcast video and audio or watch videos and listen to radio on the Internet. SopCast adopts P2P (peer-to-peer) technology so it is very efficient to use because it does not require a large server and bandwidth. SoP is actually an acronym for “Streaming over P2P”.

Just as you watch videos streaming from Youtube, Vimeo and other video streaming provider websites, the difference is SopCast uses peer-to-peer networks, the term peer-to-peer on a computer or network is a distributed application architecture that divides tasks or workloads between peer (peer in this case is a computer), so that media providers (audio or video) do not bear the burden as a “server” like a Youtube server or the like.

Some SopCast Features

1. Streaming TV on the Internet

SopCast can be used to watch live shows from “Internet TV”, you can access a variety of live channels (TV or Radio) from various countries with various qualities ranging from LQ (Low Quality, low quality) to HQ (High Quality, high quality) with various media formats such as asf, wmv, rm, rmvb, mp3, and so on.

The channel list will be refreshed by the system automatically or manually by clicking the refresh button. In your channel list (for example live footbal channel) you can mark your favorite channels and the system will display them at the top.

2. Control the video player and record live events easily

SopCast is equipped with a video player (video player) that easily includes zooming in or zooming out, adding channels to the favorites list, and recording live events for you to share or watch later.

SopCast developers claim that streaming using SopCast only takes about 10 to 30 seconds for buffering, this cannot be separated from the influence of adoption of peer-to-peer technology that is applied in data transfer is also influenced by the speed of the Internet from the user.

3. Have your own channel and broadcast (broadcast) via the Internet

You can broadcast programs from your own channel directly from SopCast, by making your computer a “server” (the term server is actually not appropriate for use on P2P networks) You can create about 5 to 10 channels on one computer and you can run them simultaneously, of course with computer specifications that support.

You can also monitor the quality of your broadcast programs (original quality with network quality) in realtime to help the viewer choose the channels that you want.

4. Adoption of P2P technology with “a million” advantages

As mentioned above, SopCast adopts P2P technology so that the data (video or audio) accessed is more stable even though it is accessed by many viewers. The SopCast developer also claims the use of P2P technology minimizes delay when streaming media and the application of NAT Transversal and Firewall technology that can pass 90% of P2P Barriers.

In theory, Network Address Translator (NAT) Traversal can stabilize and maintain the stability of an Internet connection through a gateway, so that the speed of transfer (sending and receiving) data can be maximized.

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