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DARFILE.COM – SmartFTP is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application that allows you to transfer files from a local computer to a server on the internet. This application is usually used by web developers to download and upload website files.

This application is equipped with various interesting features that can make it easier for you to transfer and download files from servers on the internet including features for previewing files, features for replacing file names in bulk and so on.

Even though it is equipped with many features, you don’t need to worry about difficulties when you first use it. The reason is, this application comes with a simple and intuitive interface.

SmartFTP Features

Actually there are many free FTP applications that you can use on a Windows PC including WinSCP, FileZilla and so on. This application made by SmartSoft Ltd is usually chosen by users who want to use an FTP application that has many features.

The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some of the features and advantages of SmartFTP that you need to know.

1. Supports various protocols

Just like other FTP applications, this application also supports various protocols such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH, WebDAV and so on.

In addition, if you use a paid application, this application also supports the Amazon S3 protocol, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, Box, and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.

2. Equipped with a code editor

This application is also equipped with a code editor that can be used to edit code in files stored on servers on the internet.

Just like most code editors, the code editor embedded in this application is also equipped with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, find and replace with regular expressions, bookmarks, unicode converter and so on.

3. Simple and easy to use

If this is your first time using this application, you don’t need to worry about difficulties, because this application is packed with an interface similar to Windows File Explorer.

In addition, this application also provides various interesting themes that you can use as you wish, such as white, black, colorful themes and so on.

4. Schedule a specific task

This application is also equipped with a feature that allows you to schedule specific tasks, these tasks can be set to run every day, week, month or at certain intervals.

5. Rename files in bulk

By using this application you don’t need to bother changing file names one by one, because this application is equipped with a feature to rename files in bulk.

6. Supports proxies

This application is also equipped with features that allow you to connect to servers on the internet using various types of proxies such as SOCKS5, SOCKS4, HTTP Proxy, SOCKS4A and so on.

In short, if you are looking for a feature-rich FTP client or application then SmartFTP is one application you should consider. However, most of the interesting features embedded in this application are only available for the paid version.

Download SmartFTP

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