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DARFILE.COM – SlimDrivers is a utility software that can automatically update computer drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. Developed by a software company based in the United States called Slim Utilities.

As the name suggests, SlimDrivers is useful for updating and maintaining drivers for the optimization of functions between computers, system components, and peripheral devices such as printers, graphics cards, sound cards, USB ports, game controllers (joy sticks, etc.), motherboards and other hardware connected to the computer. With drivers that are always renewable and well maintained (protected from being corrupt or crashed), the function of peripheral devices becomes more optimal.

Update your PC / Laptop Driver with SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers scans the computer and identifies the drivers needed based on peripheral devices that are connected, then downloads the driver from the cloud server and automatically installs the latest driver on the computer in question.

1. Cloud-Based Driver Management

Cloud-based driver management enables SlimDrivers software to be downloaded efficiently, the size is not up to 2 MB, because it does not contain a collection of drivers such as DriverPack Solution which is up to dozens of GB, instead you must be connected to the Internet every time you update the driver on the target computer.

What is meant by “cloud-based”, a collection of drivers stored in online data centers (servers) that are dynamically updated with the latest drivers by developers and communities that support it, so SlimDrivers really “slim” because it does not require hard disk space which is great for saving driver files for installation (installer files).

2. Optimizing Your Computer

With drivers that are always renewable, hardware connected to the computer (including peripheral devices) will be detected optimally so that it can work optimally, some hardware is not detected at all by certain operating systems (usually older operating systems such as Windows XP or earlier versions) or maybe its function is not optimal with the operating system’s built-in drivers so it requires the latest drivers.

3. Better control

With SlimDrivers, you can scan for outdated drivers (not yet updated) and install the latest drivers, you can also scan for damaged drivers and fix them easily, this will be very useful for those of you who want the performance of a hardware device such as a game controller (such as a joy stick) always optimal to support your activities.

4. Quick fix of problems related to drivers

SlimDrivers has a real-time driver scanner feature that can detect errors in the drivers on your computer, and automatically updates and installs replacement drivers to repair the damage.

5. New technology to maximize efficiency

You do not need to download drivers that are not needed by the computer in question, just the latest drivers that are suitable for the hardware on your computer, are very efficient. In addition, each operating system (especially Windows) is usually equipped with built-in software that functions to detect updates, SlimDrivers coordinates the results of scans with Windows Device Manager, Windows System Manager and Windows Update Online, so that efficiency is really maximum.

Download SlimDrivers

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