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sketchup pro
sketchup pro

DARFILE.COM – SketchUp Pro is the premium version of the software. SketchUp includes additional features for Importing and Exporting various file formats, access to 2D documentation software, layout tools, a style builder that allows you to create model-specific edge styles.

This Sketchup application has a myriad of features to support your ideas and creativity as an architect. Although not too much has changed in this latest update, the 3D design performance in this software feels even faster. In addition, many features and tools were improved and developed. Whether it’s in terms of function, ease of use and processing speed.

This Sketchup Pro application can help us design houses, buildings, buildings, and apartments. But not just exterior design, we can even arrange indoor interiors too, without the need for other software assistance. Of course, after we finish designing, we can render a 3D scene realistically. The rendering plugin works very well by default, but it would be great if you use the help of the V-Ray Next system.

This software can be combined with V-Ray Next to get more realistic rendering results. But unfortunately, this software can only be used for Windows 10 Redstone 64 bit only. In addition, the Trimble developer also does not recommend it for running on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Especially if the CPU system is still 32 bit. May have to switch and use Sketchup Pro 2015 32 bit.

SketchUp Pro 2021 Features

  • Brand new logo with eight years growth and evolution.
  • Design 3D CAD for houses, building, tools and much more.
  • Easily render 3D object with V-Ray Realistic Render.
  • Wide range of functions such as architectural, interior, landscape, civil and mechanical engineering.
  • Also used in the film and video game 3D design.
  • Brings to light a significant under-the-hood improvement.
  • There is an online library of free model assemblies.
  • Drawing layout functionality, allows surface rendering in variable “styles”.
  • Supports third-party “plug-in” programs hosted on a Extension Warehouse.
  • Organize multiple tags into Tag Folder to control visibility.
  • New live component configuration for objects.
  • Performance improvement and touch screen enhancement.
  • Only support Windows 10 64 Bit, with the latest update build.

Download SketchUp Pro 2021

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