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Download ShareX 12.4.1

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DARFILE.COM – ShareX is a screen capturing tool for open source Windows that is often used to capture your Laptop / Pc screen.

What application do you use to capture your Windows screen? Combined PrtScn + Paint button?

If you need a screen capture application, what features do you need most? Give a watermark to the image screenshot? Catch a portion of the screen? Capturing your entire Windows screen? Capturing a certain area with an area that you have set beforehand? Capturing a particular application window that is currently open? Or screen capture software that also has an editor?

So there is no need to open another application. ShareX is a screen capturing software tool for Windows free because sharex is open source. Many consider this application to be more complete than similar paid software.

The screencast can be saved as a video file (mp4) or animated GIF. To be more comfortable, you can set the frame-rate (fps) to get a balance between the quality of the video and the size of the finished file.

Also available is a timer mode that will automatically capture screenshots of certain areas on your desktop, and after a pause (which you can set yourself) the results are uploaded to the destination that you also set before. ShareX will automatically give the image watermark before uploading it.

We can even set ShareX to automatically upload the captured images to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Picasa, Box, Flickr, Imgur, or others. Once finished uploading, you can copy and paste the link in your favorite social network account.

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