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secunia psi
secunia psi

DARFILE.COM – Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) is software to check the availability of security updates from various programs / applications in your Windows system.

Every piece of software that you have installed at this time, such as Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, and others can be a point of attack for viruses to gain control of your computer system.

That is why Microsoft continues to release security updates for Word, Excel and other Office products along with Windows because these programs can be used as a kind of “gateway” into the operating system.

It is also important to download and install important security updates for all programs installed on your computer or uninstall programs that are no longer supported by the software manufacturer. Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a software to check security on Windows for more than 8,500 applications.

Not only for installed programs, but also for portable applications and browser plugins used.
After installing various programs, most computer users ignore the updates that might have been available for the program.

As long as it can still be used, it will continue to be used, even though there is a possibility that a program contains security holes and updates are available. Secunia PSI which focuses on checking the availability of security updates from the software used, to help check and provide suggestions on how to overcome them.

Download Secunia Personal Software Inspector

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