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Download Satsuki Decoder Pack

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satsuki decoder pack
satsuki decoder pack

DARFILE.COM – Satsuki Decoder Pack contains a video and audio decoder that can automatically be installed / uninstalled for Windows. The purpose of this package is to decode all types of videos from your Laptop or PC.

Satsuki Decoder Pack is 100% FREE, non-commercial product and does not contain spyware, adware or other hidden programs!

This package is now splitted in 3 files, the main package, the wm module and the Quicktime module. As explained on the decoder package page, you need the wm module only if you don’t have WMP9 or more installed. You also need the Quicktime module, only if you don’t have Quicktime or ithune.

It makes the main decoder package smaller and will avoid downloading unneeded files. Supports formats: MPEG 4, real media, MP1, MP2, MP3, AC3, APE, OFR / OFS, FLAC, AAC / MP4, OGG / OGM, MKV, DVD, XCD, WMV 7/8, VP6, MPC, XVD, H264.

To set the configuration for the decoder filter pack, use the config panel provided for:

  • Filter configuration.
  • Backup filter settings.
  • Associate the type of video with the player you are using.

This codec pack also supports silent installation as follows:

  • Install Satsuki Decoder Pack as usual.
  • Enter the Satsuki Decoder Pack installation folder (C: \ Program Files \ Satsuki Decoder Pack \).
  • Copy the file “satsukidecodersettings.ini”.
  • Paste the file “satsukidecodersettings.ini” in the folder “Satsuki.Decoder.Pack.exe”.

Download Satsuki Decoder Pack

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