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DARFILE.COM – Radical Image Optimization Tool or RIOT is freeware that can be used to optimize JPEG, PNG, and GIF image files to smaller sizes but the quality that is produced approaches the quality of the original image.

Indeed, default windows such as windows photo viewer or paint provide a resize menu, but if we use it, not only will the size shrink but the quality will also decrease dramatically.

Radical Image Optimization Tool and is useful for optimizing your photos with dramatically reduced file sizes, without reducing image quality. Besides this application is also quite easy to use.

This image editing software is specifically designed to edit photos / images. This software is very useful for bloggers who want to post their articles accompanied by images, so that the size of the blog can be minimized which can eventually speed up the loading time of the blog. The features are highlighted in the form of compress size features and image format conversion, supported by 3 image file formats namely JPEG, GIF, PNG.

With this RIOT software you can very easily convert images to reduce file size while adjusting the color depth.

The optimization results are quite good if you use a JPG file. You can reduce photos to one fifth of their original size without losing significant quality. RIOT supports the following formats JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2, PNG, TGA, TIFF, PSD, PCD, PXC, PPM, PBM, RAS, ICO, MNG, WBMP, XBM, XPM, HDR, SGI.

RIOT Features:

  • Open many image types including rare/scientific types.
  • Save and optimize JPEG, GIF and PNG with a simple, clean user interface.
  • Works in dual view: (original optimized image) or single view (optimized image).
  • Automatic preview of resulting image.
  • In-place compare function (alternativelly display the original image over the optimized image to notice small pixel changes).
  • Compress files to desired filesize threshold.
  • Fast processing (all is done in memory).
  • See instant results including resulting filesize.
  • Batch support (process multiple files at once).
  • Transparency handling options.
  • Decide if you want to keep metadata (comments, IPTC, Adobe XMP, EXIF profiles, ICC profiles).
  • Unsupported metadata is removed.
  • Transfer metadata between image formats (destination format must support them).
  • Common tools: pan and zoom, rotate, flip.
  • Basic image adjustments: brightness, contrast, gamma, invert.
  • Visually reduce number of unique colors for PNG and GIF images in order to reduce filesize.
  • (two quantization methods are available: Xiaolin Wu and NeuQuant neural net).
  • Resize image by using well known resample filters (ex: Lanczos3, Catmull Rom, Bicubic, and others).
  • Out-of-the-box support for external PNG optimizers (optipng, pngout, etc).
  • The compression and the results are comparable to those of commercial products, even higher.
  • Adaptive logarithmic tone mapping algorithm (Drago) used for HDR images.

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