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resource hacker
resource hacker

DARFILE.COM – Resource Hacker is a freeware that you can use to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources available in the Windows operating system.

Are you not satisfied with the standard appearance or performance of the Windows operating system? If you want to modify Windows to your liking, Resouce Hacker can be the right tool for you to use.

This software will be very useful for those of you who like or want to modify each aspect of the Windows operating system installed on your computer, ranging from appearance, sound, animation, fonts and so forth. The features provided by Resource Hacker for processing resource data from the file system of the Microsoft Windows operating system in general are View, Extract, Modify, Add, and Delete.

Features of Resource Hacker

  1. View: Can open and view resource data from a file system. Users will be able to see graphic resource data such as JPG, Bitmap, Icon, Curso, Gif and AVI. Audio resource data such as WAV and MIDI can be played and listened to. Menus and Dialogs as well as String Tables, Delphi Forms, Accelerators, Message Tables and VersionInfo can be displayed in the form of resource scripts.
  2. Extract: The resource data contained in the file can be extracted and stored as a separate file.
  3. Modify: Data resources can be modified according to user wishes. Graphic and audio resource data can be replaced with other files accordingly. For Menus, Dialogs and others can be modified using the resource script provided by this software. The appearance and position of the Menu and Dialog can also be adjusted.
  4. Add: Add new resource data to a system application by copying it from another resource file that has the format .res.
  5. Delete: Data resources that already exist but are not used or useless can be deleted or deleted so that it can make files smaller and lighter.

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