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real alternative
real alternative

DARFILE.COM – Real Alternative is a freeware or codec application that is used to play multimedia files. For those of you who like and like watching movies, you must be already attached to various types or extensions of multimedia files that can load the film itself.

Among the many file types or file extensions, there are some that you may have heard of such as files with the .rmvb extension or files with the .rm extension or the .ra extension. Files with this extension usually cannot be played with ordinary multimedia file player software. That is because the files are file formats that are owned by Real Media.

Real Alternative by Real Media

Real Media is a proprietary format for multimedia containers created by Real Networks. It can be seen from most of the names of the extensions that begin with the letter “R”. These files can usually only be played by their official multimedia player software, Real Player.

This makes these files exclusive and can only be played on Real Player. Actually this is valid, if there are no significant problems with this software codec. But in reality, many users complain about problems like Real Networks that often offer better products or product versions in a short amount of time, or there are even times when Real Player proves itself to be a software that is vulnerable to files that can open your browser, then suddenly open a site, which is very dangerous.

This incident certainly makes its users anxious so that the resulting use of files with the Real Media label has plummeted. But even so, you might still see some multimedia files with extensions labeled Real Media (.ra, .rm, .rmvb, .rpm, .rv, .rp, .rt, .rnx, .smi, .smil, etc. ). Without Real Player, it’s almost impossible to play multimedia files labeled Real Media, so you will definitely need an alternative codec instead of this Real Player codec.

Because of the demands and dissatisfaction of Real Player users, Real Alternative was created with the intent to repair and even replace the software or application files of its Real Media predecessor, Real Player.

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