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qt creator
qt creator

DARFILE.COM – Qt Creator is a cross platform C ++ application, Java Script and QML IDE that is also part of the SDK for the Qt GUI Application development framework. One of the main things that prospective programmers think or at least users who are interested in learning programming languages is the compiler.

They will look for the best application to be able to compile the script created. Then next they will pay attention to the appearance of the GUI. How good and beautiful is the GUI. Often the compiler can not display the GUI, even the GUI viewer application can only display the GUI. With the Qt Creator application, you can do both easily.

The usefulness of Qt Creator

Qt Creator is simply the IDE of the Qt framework that runs on top of the C ++ programming language that can be used to write and compile C ++ scripts while directly displaying the GUI display of scripts that we write live. So users who are programmers can more easily and quickly see the results of their own script writing. The development of Qt Creator itself actually started in 2007 under the name Workbench which was later renamed Project Greenhouse. At the time of launch or release, the results of this project were finally named Qt Creator in March 2005 under the auspices of a developer called Qt Project.

The Qt Creator application itself, as mentioned earlier, is an IDE that contains a code editor that can integrate Qt Designer which is used to design and build a GUI with the help of Qt Widget. The code editor in the Qt Project supports syntax highlighting so that it can simplify the performance of programmers in writing syntax and detecting errors in the written syntax. Qt Creator is an IDE that has fairly complete documentation and a simple and up-to-date look that is easily understood by the average user who is young.

This Qt Creator application has Cross Platform properties. With this cross platform nature, programmers who use this application no longer need to re-coding if the software they make will be used in a different operating system. In addition, Qt Creator is one of the lightweight IDE applications or software and is arguably the lightest in its class.

One other thing to note is that Qt Creator is open source. This means that everyone can download the source code from Qt Creator and then develop it themselves according to the needs and ease of writing each user’s coding. Qt Creator is also a free application, so you don’t have to bother thinking about the subscription fees you have to pay like some other IDEs.

Download Qt Creator

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