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DARFILE.COM – Psiphon is software that can be used to avoid internet censorship. Psiphon uses a combination of secure communication technologies such as VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy to make it effective and safe in accessing sites or content that is blocked by certain parties. Initially Psiphon was specifically designed to support Internet users in countries that are considered “enemies of the Internet”.

The code base is developed and managed by Psiphon, Inc. which operates systems and technologies designed to help Internet users safely bypass the content filtering system used by the government to implement censorship of the Internet in that country. But now, anyone can use Psiphon and develop it freely.

The usefulness of Psiphon

Did you know that accessing the network through a server (such as a proxy) that is outside the country is very risky for cybercrime threats? Important information that you enter through a form on a website (login details, banking transactions, or other information) may be seen by the server manager, or the file you downloaded may have malware that can infect your local system. But this will not happen if you use Psiphon.

The communication channel used by Psiphon is a secure path such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Secure Shell (SSH) and even HTTP Proxy to HTTPS Proxy. That way each of your activities on the Internet, you will still be protected from the risks arising from these connections, especially the risk of cybercrime which is increasingly developing mode.

Although it is open source, the code base of Psiphon software is developed and managed directly by Psiphon, Inc. it makes its own advantages and advantages for users including software security that is always maintained from modification “third party”, you might be able to make your own software based on Psiphon services, but the software is just an interface that connects users with Psiphon services (from the server official).

Cloud-based cloud tunneling system, is a term that fits in the Pshiphon way, you as a user do not need to specify which country you are going to use a proxy server (although you can also recover manually) and do not need to specify the IP address and port that you must use, because Pshiphon implements centralized management with thousands of proxy servers that will be chosen according to geographic location and server performance.

Licence Freeware
Developer Psiphon Inc.
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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