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DARFILE.COM – Proxifier is an application or software that can be used as an alternative to managing traffic or internet traffic using a proxy server. Computers, together with the internet are arguably the two most important components in this era of globalization that is full of this technology. But when using the internet using a computer, there may be some of you who are constrained in accessing several sites.

In some countries there are several sites that are blocked because they are suspected of having dangerous content or content such as pornography or violence. But even so, in reality not all blocked sites have content as alleged. For this reason, many internet users then look for ways to open and access these sites. One way is to use a proxy server.

Uses of Proxifier

Proxifier is one of the applications or software that can be used to access the proxy server. By using this application or Proxifier software, you can also access various network applications that do not work through a proxy server to operate on HTTPS or SOCKS proxies.

There are several features that you can enjoy when using this application or Proxifier software. The first of course is to use this application, you can run various computer network applications through a proxy server.

You don’t even need to do a confusing configuration. Quite easy to use. You can also access blocked sites on the internet through a proxy. This allows you to access and surf the internet more broadly.

With this application you can also bypass the firewall, then this application is also a tunnel or tunnel for the entire system so that all network connections can also work through a proxy server, including system connections. With this Proxifier application you can also translate a DNS (Domain Name Server) address through a proxy.

Security features also do not forget to be embedded in this application. One of them is by using this application, you can secure privacy by hiding your IP address so that logically your privacy is more secure and certainly your network connection will be safer.

Furthermore, you can also combine proxy servers with different protocols. Also you can see activity on a computer network that is running and being used such as time, bandwidth usage, host, etc. in real time.

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