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DARFILE.COM – Processing is an application or software which is also a Java-based programming language with a graphical visual approach. Many of us often use applications or software that circulate on the internet. Most ask questions about how programmers or developers make these applications, some of us may even be curious and want to make similar applications as well.

But not a few of the majority of these people will fall off one by one while looking at a long list of things to learn. Starting from the programming language itself or the application used to write the programming code. If so, you might need to try this application called Processing.

The usefulness of processing

This Processing Application is actually a Programming Language and at the same time a software or IDE application (Integrated Development Environment). This application was created for the electronic arts community, new media art and visual design with the aim of providing learning or education to the non-programmer community about basic knowledge of computer programming in context and visual approaches to be more easily understood. This application is built and developed based on the Java language but uses a simpler approach in syntax and touch graphics on the display interface or user interface.

This project was originally started in 2001 by Casey Reas and Ben Fry. Both are former members of the Aesthetic and Computing Group at MIT Media Lab. In 2012, they started the Processing Foundation project together with Daniel Shiffman who joined as the third leader in the project. In 2014 Johanna Hedva joined the project as Advocacy Director.

Once you open and start the Processing application, you will be presented with a simple view that is dominated by a display like a sketchbook, a minimum alternative to this IDE for organizing projects. Each sketch processing is basically a subclass of a Java Programming Language class called PApplet which is implemented on most of the features in the IDE and the Processing Programming Language. Processing also allows users to create their own classes in a PApplet sketch.

One of the interesting things is, this application is an open source project. That means you can download and install this application for free. You can also participate in making the next version of IDE Processing by joining the official community.

The IDE Proccessing application is also a multiplatform application which means you can install it on a computer or PC on more than one operating system. Not only in Microsoft Windows, you can also install this IDE on a computer that has a Linux or Mac OSX operating system.

Download Processing

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