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process hacker
process hacker

DARFILE.COM – Process Hacker is a free opensource that is used to display processes on a computer / laptop and a memory editor with very complete features.

When you install and open Process Hacker you will be presented with a window that has three tabs, Processes, Services and Network.

Processes is the first tab that opens by default. Like Windows Task Manager, this Process Hacker tab shows all the programs and applications that are running on your computer. This includes programs that run in the foreground and those that run in the background.

Network Monitor (network), On the network tab menu we can see a list of applications connected to the network. PH presents the display port, destination, and local IP. Uniquely we can see suspicious applications when connected by the internet by right clicking and closing.

The main features of Process Hacker:

  1. Displays running applications with a simple display that can be set in color.
  2. Detailed statistics with graphical display.
  3. Advanced Features not found in other programs.
  4. More powerful Process Termination. For example, turn off applications that are difficult to close with Task Manager.
  5. View, Edit and Control Services, including those not displayed in the Services console view.
  6. View and close network connections.
  7. The ability to search for hidden applications that are running.

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